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Shared July 16, 2020

Lionel Shriver and Brendan O'Neill sit down with CIS fellow Monica Wilkie for The Woke Inquisition, an online discussion on the recent race crisis, protests in the UK, the BLM movement and cancel culture.

Everything from The Golden Girls to brown rice is now ‘problematic’ as activists seek to erase anything ‘offensive.’ Is this akin to past censorious movements when books were burnt, and statues toppled or is this something different?

We now see shows like The Simpsons announcing they will not allow white voice actors to voice non-white characters. Is the end of fiction rapidly approaching? With statues, beloved children’s authors, and beer in the firing line will there be anything left after this latest round of cancellations?

Brendan O’Neill is the editor of Spiked Online and a former CIS scholar in residence. He is author of A Duty to Offend (2015) and Anti-Woke (2018).

Lionel Shriver is author of numerous international bestseller novels and a columnist with The Spectator in London. Lionel was recently in Australia for CIS as our 2019 Annual Lecture & Dinner.

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